Mysoly Business Portal

Automate processes with AI and simplify the complexity in an analytical and easy-to-understand business portal

Mysoly Business Portal

Fully Customizable AI Powered Business Portal with Modular Features You Need

Don't waste time in your complex business processes and workflows. With Mysoly Business solution, it is possible to simplify your processes by easily moving them to digital. Our solutions are fully adaptable in different scenarios and we are aware that every business has its own special needs. Call us now to get more details!


Complex business processes have become very time-consuming and time-consuming, especially for retailer businesses. It is very difficult to keep track of customers, products, prices and projects. Especially in multi-location businesses, it is almost impossible to follow the entire operation and make sense of all the data instantly without a digital solution.

Mysoly Solution

We simplified the complexity experienced by businesses in an analytical and easy-to-understand business portal. We automated processes with AI support. We added many modular features from purchasing and storing products and services to customer tracking and finance.

Success Story

VKB Kitchen & Bath Holding Company

VKB Kitchen & Bath Company, which was awarded the Houzz Service award in 2022-2023, one of the prestigious awards of America, continues to grow with Mysoly Business Portal. More than 200 employees and dozens of affiliated contractor and supplier companies in nearly 30 branches in different locations are managed with Mysoly Business Portal. In the project that lasted about 9 months, the best was designed for VKB's unique and special needs by using all the possibilities of the latest technology.

Features our customers love!

Easy to Operate


You may want to use our product with your own corporate colors and limited number of portal features. All you need to do is to let us know what you need: Live Data Dashboard, Leads, Operations, HR, Training, Offer and Design Tool, Mail, Chat, Video Conferencing etc.

You also want a warehouse management system that tells you what you need before you need it. No problem. With the Mysoly Business PRO feature, the top seller items and needs in your warehouse automatically come to you before they become out of stock.

Mysoly Business Portal will automatically create your payment plan up to the agreement you signed. No need to keep records in excel or follow your bank account.

Do you have a lot of files or document staff in your business? No worries. Mysoly Business Portal keep your files systematically by building relations with customers or projects.

You may have multi locations like VKB Kitchen and Bath! No matter how many locations you have, you can manage all business under one single portal.


Customer Satisfaction

You may have branches or sales representatives in different locations. It doesn’t matter where they are. You can track their customers, sales, profitability rates by periods or live.

Follow your customers from the first step. Store their info, send and enter their purchase orders digitally and integrate them automatically with your inventory. You will have full control of your customers with all details needed.

Let your contracts with your customers be automatically created according to your customer’s orders, preferences and purchase options. Your payment plans are also automatically registered in your system.

You want your business processes to be visible to your customers as much as you want them to be visible to you. No problem. Your customers can follow their work and contact you with their own user and password. They can make payments directly through their own portals.

You may chat with your customers or employees within the portal. Customers may send you messages or you may send them updates whenever you want!

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Technology Infrastructure

Working with cutting-edge technologies to design the future now

We use the latest technology to implement your wishes into fully customizable Mysoly solutions. It can be an AI-powered HR management tool or logistic management portal or maybe an e-learning solution for your employees or maybe all. No matter what it is for, and as we said before, our solutions are all tailor-made and adaptable to the unique challenges of your challenges.

Why Choose Mysoly?


With a team of seasoned professionals, we bring extensive expertise in AI development, data analysis, and technological innovation to the table.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our tailored AI-based solutions address your specific challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth.


At Mysoly, we're not just following trends; we're setting them. Our innovative approach ensures that you're equipped with the latest advancements in AI technology.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation to deployment and ongoing maintenance, we provide comprehensive support at every step of your AI journey.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Mysoly, customers drive our innovation. We don't just follow trends; we anticipate them, offering you the best in AI solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

At Mysoly, we don't settle for mediocrity. Our unwavering dedication to the highest standards ensures that you receive the best AI solutions and services in the industry.

Mysoly Business Portal