a man try to connect LMS on the tablet
AI Based Online Platforms
Serkan Kilic

Generative AI for Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Let’s e­xplore how AI can help improve e­ducation. Tools that create customized le­sson plans for each student or comprehe­nsively evaluate the­ir progress could transform learning. Technologie­s adjusting to individual needs may engage­ pupils more, while nuanced pe­rformance reviews aid de­velopment. Though early, such applications may e­nhance instruction methods. Their pote­ntial warrants investigation into responsibly guiding education’s advance­ment through innovative, student-ce­ntered approaches.

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Mysoly shines at Didacta fair
News and Updates
Marjolein L. Van der Sluis

Mysoly AI shines at Didacta fair!

Mysoly was thrilled to exhibit at the prestigious Didacta Fair in Cologne. Among the energized crowd of global teachers and innovators, our AI-based e-learning tools for empowering educators and learners seemed to spark interest. Didacta provided a place for sparking thoughts and links, feeding our dedication to advancing education through new ideas.

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PostgreSQL and Indexing
Data Management
Emir C.

PostgreSQL and Indexing

Explore the power of PostgreSQL indexing in this comprehensive guide. Learn the basics, discover how indexing enhances performance, and delve into practical examples, including Sequelize integration. Uncover the nuances of choosing and implementing indexes for optimal database efficiency.

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