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We are developing a Dutch Language Grammar Correction Model using Machine Learning Algorithms and NLP Techniques for the first time in the Netherlands. Our aim is to be a Free Dutch Grammarly with extra features like giving instant feedback. It is a social responsibility project of Mysoly as a thank to Dutch society.

Services we offer!

Mysoly builds cloud-based ERP solutions using the internet of things (IoT), AI, and machine learning

Building Online Business Platforms

We are a passion-driven full-service Software Development Company. Our ERP, CRM, HR, and E-Learning Solutions make your business more cost-efficient and agile. Explore our scalable and secure custom software development solutions that match your business needs and future goals.

Mysoly builds cloud-based ERP solutions using the internet of things (IoT), AI, and machine learning

Data Management

We have great expertise in data management services for the efficient management of critical data and other information. Moreover, our data scientists have a strong portfolio in the services of big data, data governance, and data migration. Contact us and learn more!

With the services of Big Data Analytics and Dashboard Management, Mysoly helps businesses to improve their operations and generate valuable insights

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboards are perfect tools in data analytics and business intelligence. So, we help businesses and executives in the decision-making process with data analytics and BI Technologies such as dashboards.

Ease the financial operations of your business with Mysoly's s effective, productive, and scalable ERP Solutions

Reputation Analysis

We help businesses, managers and executives create an outstanding online presence and visibility. On the other hand, we build a positive brand awareness for today’s innovative digital World.

Solutions we are working on!

Benefit from Mysoly's Big Data Analytics and Dashboard Management and streamline your internal processes in your business

Mysoly Business

Mysoly Business is an on-premise and cloud software created to help businesses, manufacturers, and distributors in the field of inventory management, operational management, product management, and lead and order management. Thanks to its services such as CRM, HR, RECRUITMENT, and FINANCE, businesses can manage all their ongoing operations in one unique platform and improve their effectiveness.

You will get custom software solutions at the fastest time provided by a brilliant team

Mysoly E-Shop

If you are looking for software that meets all your special wishes to sell online in multi-platforms, Mysoly e-Shop solution organizes your inventory properly to match ongoing customer expectations. We combine Inventory management, order management, online listing, and tracking in one screen to provide a unique customer experience.

Besides ERP Solutions for both start-ups and Enterprises, Mysoly also creates E-learning platforms for the whole of society

E-Learning Software

Mysoly designs e-learning platforms not only for businesses but also for the whole of society. NT2 Oefening E-Learning Testing Platform fully will be developed by Mysoly Engineers gives you a chance to follow your results, mistakes, and the most powerful side of you on the dashboard without any time loss. Besides the platform will help candidates practice Dutch language skills online in a 99% real environment. Avaliable in 2024.

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Principles of our work


Quality Service

Mysoly provides high-quality service that meets or exceeds businesses’ expectations.


Fastest service

Mysoly develops full-service software solutions in the fastest way by analyzing businesses’ projects.


Forecast future

Seeing Digital Transformation as the future, Mysoly invests in intuitive, scalable, powerful digital solutions.


Transparent Business

Mysoly offers transparent and accountable solutions to to improve remote workforce and freelancer productivity.

Our achievements

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.


Years in data management and custom software development


Dop-talented data scientist in managing a full software development lifecycle


Successfully completed projects


Happy and satisfied customers all around the world

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Brilliant Team

You will have a passionate partner about developing skills, motivation, and effective teamwork.

Online Support

It is not just online support. You will get smarter solutions and intelligent service conversations with Mysoly's online support.

Fastest Service

You will get the solution with the Highest-Speed as well as reliability and security.

Affordable Prices

You will have a wide range of customizable services at reasonable prices.
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“Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”

Marjolein L. Van der Sluis


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