Therapy Module Platform

Online EMDR protocols available to users

Therapy Module Platform

A new therapy software seamlessly integrated with the opportunities of future technology by Mysoly

Team Therapy Module

The Therapy Module platform is a Netherlands-based start-up whose aim is to make EMDR protocols available to users online. As Mysoly, we worked with the Therapy Module team for about 6 months.

At the end of this work, we tried to facilitate the EMDR processes of the Therapy Module team by using AI and NLP techniques. We are looking forward to their release in the near future.

What is Therapy Module

Mysoly has meticulously designed Therapy Module with the latest technology possible to ensure users have the best experience. Each module has been enriched by Therapy Module experts with the help of content development portal with written, audio, visual, and video explanations, allowing users to access information in a way that aligns with their learning style.

Outstanding Features Mysoly offers

User-friendly and interactive modules designed to users’ needs
Instant and easy access from anywhere and anytime
Gain access 24/7 to the modules
Get actionable insights with high-level reporting
Make customized therapy module thanks to expert portal that we create

How We Create Therapy Module


Needs Analysis


Defining Objectives


Choosing the Technology


Content Development


Design and Usability


Features and Functions



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Therapy Module Platform