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Data Science: 5 Popular Jargon


It is not surprising that a career in data science attracts so many people. Because developments and popularity of data science have increased in recent times. So, it is obvious that the profession of a data scientist is one of the most sought-after ones.

Having a basic awareness of the terminology used in data science is crucial if you want to work in the field. If you don’t know where to begin, you don’t need to worry. As you are at Mysoly, the most appropriate place, to learn the basics and then the details of data management. Mysoly is the global leading expert in data management. It offers effective, fast and reliable data analytics for your business.

Fundamental You Should Know About Data Science

In this blog, we will explain the top 5 jargon in data science that beginners should be aware of. Have a look!

Big Data - The Playground of Data Science

Big data is so large, rapid, and complicated. So it is challenging or impossible data to handle with traditional techniques. Data turn into “big data” as they continue to grow and then become humongous data sets.

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Data Wrangling - Alchemy of Data Science

It is also referred to as data munging. Data wrangling is to remove errors and connect different complex data sets. The aim is to make complicated data sets more accessible and understandable. The amount of data and data sources available today is expanding. Thus, it is necessary to store and organize a large amount of data for analysis.

data wrangling process consists of rearranging, transforming, and mapping data. So, its value and usability increase for a range of downstream uses, such as analytics and prompt decision-making.

Bayesian Network - Data Scientists' Magic Sphere

Data is both huge and diverse. So, a graphical model is necessary to display the connections between variables. The bayesian network is beneficial in this case. This tool plays a vital role in data science. It uses past data and applies possibilities and helps you comprehend upcoming events.

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Machine Learning - Never Stop Learning

Thanks to Machine Learning, a computer uses an algorithm to comprehend a set of data. Based on that, it makes predictions. Organizations using machine learning are more likely to make the best decisions possible. Here you can look our machine learning project!

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Linear Regression - Next Generation Analytics

Linear regression helps to conduct predictive analysis and build regression models. This technique offers a connection between a known independent and dependent output variable. The aim is to find the strongest correlation between the variables.


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