Bring the files, resources, and related people in front of you in the fastest way possible

Empower Decision Makers with Real-Time Insights

Eliminate hours of meetings, tedious reports, and scattered data. Dive directly into actionable insights with Mysoly ChatAI Toolkit designed for education and corporate needs.

Mysoly Find AI: Helps decision makers to find out answers to 5W in a systematic way with AI

We are aware of your problems in accessing the documents you are looking for quickly and smoothly in complex database architectures. Find AI is designed to bring the files, resources and related people in front of you in the fastest way possible.

Get Fast and Relevant responses to 5W Questions

Type your query to the model specifically with your data in your institution and press the find button. You will find those answers in the most relevant document in seconds:


The name of the most relevant documents in response to your query.


The local storage or database address of the relevant documents upon your query.


The person who created the documents and the persons who has the authority to make changes.


The time stamp of the documents or any update date.


The content of the document in brief with the most used key words and highlights in it.


Beyond searching or finding documents. Find AI will change your habits!

You no longer need to search for hours for documents. You can quickly and easily access the content of documents previously saved by different users in your institution. All you need to do is ask Find AI questions based on the keywords you guess are in the document.

You have found a document and you think it contains the information you are looking for. But you also need to find the person who created the document or last updated it. No problem. With the Find AI “Details” feature, you can easily see who last updated the document.

You may not want to allow some of your documents to be seen by everyone in the institution, or to have their details visible when searched in Find AI. This is perfectly normal. With Find AI, you can set limits on which people or departments can and cannot access the source of your documents.

Unlike most chatbots, Mysoly Find AI is completely customized for you. It can be designed to run entirely in an intranet environment or in your own cloud service, depending on your needs. This gives you exclusive control over your data and AI algorithms. With Mysoly Find AI, you experience complete data independence and security without being dependent on third-party platforms or APIs.

Another key difference is the capacity to identify which document the answer belongs to. This feature is a great help in verifying both the reliability and validity of the information. The user can see the source from which each answer given by the bot comes from and thus has more confidence in the information received.

Find AI is able to provide the user with an ongoing chat experience through a specific source. This is perfect for users who are looking for in-depth information on a specific topic. Users can choose to focus on a specific document or source in their conversations with the bot and thus have access to all the information that the source has to offer in detail.

We realize that sometimes you spend hours trying to find information in a single document and days trying to reach the person who created it. With our solution, you will be able to scan the relevant information in seconds and find answers to 5W questions. Experience the advanced features of Mysoly Find AI and take your information access to the next level. Access to information is now just a chat away.

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In today's rapidly advancing world of technology, the ability to access and understand information is critical. However, the process of ingesting, processing and understanding complex datasets is often challenging. This is where Mysoly Find AI comes in, trained with your own corporate data and offering a customized solution.

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