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Explore AI-powered KMS tools for your challenging problems in complex data structures

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AI-powered KMS tools for your challenging problems in complex data structures

Tailored for e-learning enthusiasts, educators, instructional designers, and knowledge management specialists

Large Language Models (LLM) can revolutionize enterprise knowledge search experiences, empowering users to obtain accurate responses efficiently.

With over fifteen years of expertise in e-learning technology and data analytics, Mysoly offers customized LLM tools to empower your e-learning platforms for the future.


AI Search and analysis tool for institutions and team leaders

The unstructured nature of data poses a challenge for leveraging LLM effectively in educational settings. While many institutions aim to integrate e-learning platforms with AI, their vast data repositories are often unstandardized and scattered across various databases. The initial step involves establishing data standards through deep and machine learning techniques, a process that demands considerable time for analysis and decision-making. Consequently, some educators believe it is premature to implement LLM without first setting data standards.

Get Fast and Relevant responses to 5W Questions

Type your query to the model specifically with your own data in your institution and press find button. You will find those answers with the most relevant document in seconds:


The name of the most relevant documents in response to your query.


The local storage or database address of the relevant documents upon your query.


The person who created the documents and the persons who has the authority to make changes.


The time stamp of the documents or any update date.


The content of the document in brief with the most used key words and highlights in it.

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Challenges for decision-makers to grasp the big picture:

Decision-makers strive for real-time insights to make timely and informed decisions, rather than sifting through reports, numerous emails, or lengthy meetings. Particularly for institutions, it's challenging for decision-makers to gain a real-time understanding of the landscape. They often rely on reports, studies, or analyses from their teams, which are time-consuming due to unstandardized and scattered data sources.

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If you want to realize the solution suggestions in the report with us, we will send you the most reasonable proposal. In this proposal, you will see the cost of the entire project.

Analysis Process

As soon as you accept our proposal and complete the official procedures, our analysis process begins. We have our first meetings with the contact person you will choose from your team and try to make sense of your data structure.

Implementation Process

We work with your team to develop the most suitable solution for you according to the analysis results. By informing you at every stage of the process, we make sure that we are on the same path.

Testing and Delivery Process

We test the developed solution with pilot applications. It will be enough for us to use only a small part of your data for the pilot application. When all tests are completed successfully, we deliver the solution package to you.

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We use the latest technology to implement your wishes into fully customizable Mysoly solutions. It can be an AI-powered HR management tool or logistic management portal or maybe an e-learning solution for your employees or maybe all. No matter what it is for, and as we said before, our solutions are all tailor-made and adaptable to the unique challenges of your challenges.

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