How to create Reconnection on WP Mail SMTP Plugin

SMTP may not work properly if you have changed the password of your Gmail address for which you created the Client ID and Secret ID keys for the WP Mail SMTP plugin installation. To solve this problem, you must remove the old connection in the WP Mail SMTP Plugin interface and reconnect. You can easily reconnect if you follow the steps below.

1- Access the admin interface of your WordPress site. Access the admin interface of your WordPress site. Then, click on the WP Mail SMTP title located between the menus on the left.

2- On the page that opens, scroll down to the Authorization section and click the ‘Remove Connection’ button.

3- Continue by clicking OK on the popup that opens

4- Then come back to Authorization section and click ‘Allow plugin to send emails using your Google account‘ button.

5- On the page that opens, log in to your Gmail account for which you generated the Client Id and Secret ID keys and allow the connection to be established.

That is all!