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E-Learning Testing Software

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99% Simulated
Inburgering Exams

As Mysoly, we developed Nt2 Oefening to help Beginners and Intermediate Dutch learners study for the Civic Integration Exam in their own time and at their own pace.

With Nt2 Oefening, Learners can:

  • Personalize their learning according to their own time and pace.
  • Improve their exam-related skills (listening, writing, reading, speaking) with the extensive exams.
  • Learn about useful vocabulary and grammar.
  • Develop effective exam strategies, techniques, and tips.
  • Experience the real environment of the exam through professional scenarios.
  • Receive detailed guidance and analyze their results in the dashboard that Mysoly has specifically designed.
  • Get Civic Integration Exam ready.

With Nt2 Oefening APP that Mysoly has developed, learners can test their Dutch Language Skills in a real exam format with 99% simulated Nt2 & Inburgering Exams.

Integrated Modules

Data Dashboard

Multi Calendar

Inventory Management

Lead Management

Project Management


Automated Recruitment Process

E-Shop Integration

E-Learning Portal Integration

Admin / Settings

Technology we have used

React Logo


Node JS


AWS Cloud