Mysoly is now a part of the Dutch EdTech Community

Company: Dutch Edtech

Date: 16.11.2023

Keywords: LLM, E-learning solutions

Place: Amsterdam

In Brief: We have become a member of the Dutch EdTech community!

The Dutch Edtech aims to bring together the fragmented education and learning sector and as such, hopes to accelerate the growth of the EdTech industry across the country. They establish consortia that concentrate on the major social problems facing the Netherlands today, connect the EdTech community, share knowledge and best practices, and provide an overview of the current landscape.

As a company developing AI-based e-learning solutions, focused on social integration and language learning, it is important for us to become a part of this community.

We are confident that this kind of collaboration can result in increased accessibility to lifelong learning, accelerated growth in the EdTech industry, and improvements in a range of social issues.

We hope that together we are going to provide positive impacts on the Dutch Edtech environment.

Thank you EdTech!

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