AWS SageMaker: End-to-End Machine Learning Platforms

Streamlining Machine Learning Workflows with AWS SageMaker


Data scientists generally use the Python sci-kit-learn library to build machine learning models. Data scientists create the model by processing the target data with various algorithms. They can perform these operations entirely locally. However, when training the model with a larger dataset requires better hardware, what is the solution? In this case, using AWS SageMaker technology by AWS solves the problem.

About AWS SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service, empowers data scientists and developers to build, train, and deploy machine learning models rapidly and efficiently. It streamlines the ML workflow, enabling users to create high-quality models with various capabilities, from labeling data to full deployment.

SageMaker integrates with various AWS services and supports various machine learning algorithms and frameworks. This provides flexibility and ease of use for machine learning tasks. SageMaker can handle large-scale data. Also, it has different tools for different roles. These features make it a robust platform for developing and deploying AI solutions.

EDA Process with SageMaker Data Wrangler

AWS Data Wrangler, a part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem, effectively carries out the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) process.  This feature of Amazon SageMaker simplifies data preparation and feature engineering for machine learning.

Here’s how AWS Data Wrangler can facilitate the EDA process:

Data Loading

AWS Data Wrangler loads data from AWS sources like S3, Redshift, DynamoDB into a Pandas DataFrame.

Data Cleaning

It offers functions for cleaning and pre-processing data, handling missing values, duplicates, and data type conversions, common in EDA.

Data Transformation

You can perform transformations and feature engineering on your dataset using the extensive functionalities of Pandas through AWS Data Wrangler.

Data Visualization

Although AWS Data Wrangler doesn’t offer visualization tools, it seamlessly integrates with Python libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn for EDA visualizations.

Data Storage

After analysis, you can easily save your transformed data back to AWS services like Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift.

EDA Process with Sagemaker Data Wrangler

By leveraging AWS Data Wrangler, data scientists and analysts can streamline their EDA process. This makes the EDA process more efficient and scalable within the AWS cloud environment. This integration allows a more seamless transition from data exploration to model development and deployment within the AWS ecosystem.

Training a Model

After processing the data, it is now ready for model training. SageMaker enables the training of machine learning models on a fully managed cluster. You can specify EC2 instances and a Docker image for the training code within SageMaker. SageMaker Python SDK handles the training job with the fit method, which starts the process using the provided datasets. It automates job management, and infrastructure provisioning, and performs logging and monitoring, charging only for computing resources used during training. While these operations are ongoing, S3 Buckets by AWS provide all the data input and output.

Model Tuning and Hyperparameter Optimization

When a model training job doesn’t meet the business objectives, the approach is to adjust the model. This model-tuning process involves running many similar training jobs with different input hyperparameter values. An individual evaluates each resulting model variant using a selected performance metric to determine the best-performing model. Searching for the best combination of hyperparameter values for a specific problem and training dataset is hyperparameter optimization.

With Amazon SageMaker, you can perform automatic hyperparameter tuning. Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning (AMT) is known for running many training jobs on your dataset. It uses specified hyperparameter ranges and an algorithm to find the best version of a model. It then selects the hyperparameter values for the best-performing model, based on your chosen metric.

AWS SageMaker model tuning and hyperparameter optimization

Deploy a Model with SageMaker Studio

After developing a quality machine learning model, the next step is deploying it to provide predictions for new data. This involves hosting the model as an inference service, which integrates into software or workflows.

Amazon SageMaker, an ideal platform for end-to-end machine learning capabilities, allows deploying production ML models. These models are hosted as services accessible via an HTTPS endpoint, serving as an API for the model instance.

With Amazon SageMaker, you have several deployment options to choose from, depending on your specific needs:

    • Real-time endpoints for low-latency, real-time predictions.
    • Serverless Inference for workloads with intermittent traffic and cost-efficiency.
    • Asynchronous Inference for handling large payloads or long processing times.
    • Batch Transform for processing predictions on large datasets in batches.
Deploy a Model with SageMaker Studio


The integration of cloud technologies like AWS SageMaker has revolutionized the way we approach machine learning model development. From the initial stages of data preparation with SageMaker Data Wrangler, SageMaker offers a comprehensive and streamlined workflow. This workflow extends to the sophisticated processes of model training, tuning, and deployment. It simplifies the complexities associated with large-scale data handling and democratizes access to advanced computational resources.

Data scientists and developers can focus on innovation and problem-solving by leveraging the power of SageMaker. This allows them to avoid the intricacies of infrastructure management. Services like SageMaker will be at the forefront as we continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in machine learning. They drive progress and enable the creation of intelligent solutions once beyond our reach. The future of machine learning is cloud-powered, and with SageMaker, it’s already here.

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Halil Ünsal
Halil Ünsal
Data Scientist
Halil Ünsal
Halil Ünsal
Data Scientist