AWS Bedrock: Trusted Solution Partner of the NT2 Oefening Project

AWS Bedrock: Trusted Solution Partner of the NT2 Oefening Project


In mid-2022, Mysoly initiated a visionary project to harness AI capabilities for significant advancements in Dutch language education. Our solution includes a cutting-edge T5-based AI model meticulously crafted for the precise correction of Dutch grammatical mistakes. We assembled a dedicated team of four individuals. And, the aim was to curate the essential dataset, leveraging the potent capabilities of T5, a state-of-the-art natural language processing model. Then, the first beta version of the developed model was made available free of charge on Recognizing the need for a robust AI infrastructure, we explored AWS Bedrock, an integral solution in our transformative journey.

Expansion with ML and NLP Algorithms

As anticipated, the project extends beyond the T5 Grammar Correction model. It encompasses a pipeline featuring various ML and NLP algorithms, including grammar topic modeling and spelling checks. This pipeline facilitates instant evaluation of user input during writing exams, providing immediate feedback.

Integration of ChatGPT

With the launch of ChatGPT to end users in December 2022, we also decided to bring different capabilities to the project with Large Language Models (LLM). As is known, LLMs demonstrate remarkable abilities across a wide range of tasks. In addition, LLMs are of great interest in almost every sector. However, it is not always possible to develop a prompt-based product and put it into use. Because the content by LLM may be inconsistent and misleading.

Discovery of AWS Bedrock

Mysoly has been developing its projects on AWS and using AWS services since its inception. At the beginning of 2023, we had the opportunity to get to know AWS services more closely by establishing a close relationship with “AWS EdTech Benelux”. A series of online sessions throughout the year (one of them was a 2-day Technical Deep Dive: AWS Sagemaker training) introduced us to AWS Bedrock. On 19 October 2023, the availability of AWS Bedrock was extended to Europe-Frankfurt. As a result, Claude’s performance improved significantly.

AWS Bedrock Integration

After testing with different LLMs, in November 2023 we fully integrated our pipeline with AWS Bedrock (Claude), mainly because Claude works much more consistently and generates fewer hallucinations. Another feature is that it returns responses according to the XML tags you specify, which is very important for development. Moreover, he has an extraordinary ability to understand and produce Dutch texts. For this and other reasons, we decided to use Amazon Bedrock (Claude) in our NT2 Oefening project.

AWS Bedrock: Trusted Solution Partner of the NT2 Oefening Project.

NT2 Oefening Project Overview

As a result, our AI-powered NT2 Oefening project is designed to simulate the Official Dutch Language Exams (Inburgeringsexam and Staatsexamen) and provide instant feedback on writing and speaking exams. The project contributes to the development of speaking and writing skills, which are the most difficult skills for individuals.

In addition, it provides a range of support to individuals who are making an effort to learn Dutch. It includes grammar issues, spelling mistakes and evaluation of spelling content. We are looking forward to the launch date of our project. It is now in the final testing phase, together with our project partner Boom NT2!

At this point, Proof of Concept (PoC) credits for AWS Bedrock have been approved and deposited into Mysoly’s AWS account as we mentioned earlier. This approval marks an important milestone that will allow Mysoly to explore, experiment, and develop innovative applications using AWS Bedrock services.

The approval of AWS Bedrock credits is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. It opens up new possibilities and avenues for us. So, we can enhance the capabilities of our NT2 Oefening project, creating a transformative impact on language learning.


Mysoly’s NT2 Oefening project represents a pioneering effort in leveraging AI for language education. The integration of AWS Bedrock enhances the project’s capabilities. So, it provides a consistent and reliable solution for Dutch language learners. As Mysoly moves into the final testing phase, the partnership with AWS opens new avenues for innovation and development in language education.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to unfold the next chapter of our AI-powered language education journey with AWS Bedrock!

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Marjolein L. Van der Sluis
Marjolein L. Van der Sluis
Founder of Mysoly BV
Marjolein L. Van der Sluis
Marjolein L. Van der Sluis
Founder of Mysoly BV