Mysoly Business ERP

Multi-Platform Online Business Software

All-In-One Solutions

Multi-Platform Business in One Go

You can see all the elements in one place to complete your project without any problems. You can improve your business easily making sure that you have control at every stage. It will help you determine the possible problems in your project you have dominated all the details and make the right decisions based on data.

The Features

  • Multi platforms synchronized under one roof.
    • ERP Portal
    • HR Portal
    • E-Learning Portal
    • E-Commerce Shop (B2B/B2C)
  • Quick response time under one ml/s.
  • More secure. Each platform connects with 256-bit SSL technology.
  • Fully customizable up to clients’ needs and vision for future.


How does ERP improve your business?

Connect your processes, systems, and data, and get the business intelligence, acceleration, and adaptability that you need to start optimizing your operations.

Access insights that enhance your decision-making and discover ways to improve your future operational performance.

Connect processes and data and optimize visibility and flexibility for your employees.

Flow information easily across different systems and departments and eliminate repetitive manual work and reduce errors from manual human data entry.

Benefit from Mysoly's Big Data Analytics and Dashboard Management and streamline your internal processes in your business

Finance and Dashboard

Manifest Deployment

Automated Web Scrabing Robot (Collects the data and brings it to your screen in seconds)

Inventory Management

Product Management

Online Platforms Listing

• Amazon
• Ebay
• Wallmart
• Shopify


Automated Recruitment Process

Lead Management

Admin / Settings

Technology we have used

React Logo


Node JS


AWS Cloud


AWS CloudWatch

Web Scraping



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